Eastbourne International Folkdance Festival 2018


Brian Stanton

Brian Stanton

Odd Occupations (Jolly Jobs) with Keeping Thyme
A Relaxing Sunday Afternoon with Keeping Thyme: Some of Brian's favourites which are less strenuous physically but might well require the little grey cells to be alert.
The Tunes of Charlene Thomson with Persons of Quality

Brian has been busy since the New Fetival Callers Showcase two years ago, with events at Halsway Manor and in the Midlands.  He is a mkeen member of his club’s Playford display team and regularly performs in period costume at local events and historic buildings.
He loves dancing Playford, modern English and American styles. His workshops will reflect his enthusiasm by encouraging dancers to think of the two big Ts – Timing and Technique.

Gog Magog Molly Dancers

The multicoloured menace of the Fens!    We all enjoyed them so much in 2016 that we asked them back for 2018!   Enjoy their workshops on Sunday

Molly dancing is an ancient tradition from the depths of East Anglia practised by the ploughboys during the winter months in the Fenland villages.

Gog Magog Molly was formed in 1996, and have added fun and colour to festivals and folk events ever since.
The original dances were the inspiration for their repertoire, which now includes dances of increasingly fiendish complexity!
Gogs are easily spotted by their colourful attire and carefully un-co-ordinated faces!

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