Eastbourne International Folkdance Festival 2017

International Evening dances

Friday 28 April 8pm
International Welcome dance with Sally Fletcher and Friends, music by Ramishkata 
A mixture of dances from the Balkans, Israel and elsewhere.  Some will be lively, some gentle, many old favourites and some less well known, but all will be accessible.  And there will be exciting tasters from the teachers!

Saturday 29 April 7.30pm
International Dance MC Jill Bransby, music by Ramishkata  The emphasis will be on enjoyment and relaxation after a busy day of workshops. The dances will come from many countries with a variety of formations - circles, lines, with partners, or moving about on our own. If you wish to wear a costume to add to the colour and atmosphere please do.
Everyone is welcome.

Sunday 30 April
6.45 -8.45pm (Sports hall) Join Barbara Kelly and Bowjolie for Nordic Noir, an engaging evening of Scandinavian country dances including mazurka, minuet, long dance, Engelska, gammel reinlander and pariserpolka.

7.30pm (Gym) Balkan dance MC Brian Dowsett with contributions from the festival's guest teachers and musicians.    An exhilarating finale befitting the Balkan region


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