Eastbourne International Folkdance Festival 2017

Marius & Maria Ursu

Marius Maria

Marius comes from Prigor, a village in Banat, Romania and by the age of eight was a member of the elementary school dance group of Prigor. Since 1990, he has been the choreographer of the folk ensemble "Doina Timisului" of The Students' Cultural Club in Timisoara, which is currently considered by experts to be one of the best folk groups in the country.

Maria, his wife, comes from Arad in Romania and has danced with Marius since 1990. They have both participated in over 100 seminars and festivals held in more than 25 countries spanning 5 continents.

This will be their third visit to the UK. The first was in London in 2013 and, more recently, the SIFD Summer School in Swansea in 2015. They have introduced many popular Romanian dances.  All sessions will be "non-partner" except Sunday afternoon.

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