Eastbourne International Folkdance Festival 2017

Jill Bransby

Jill Bransby

Jill will be leading the Saturday Night International Dance and teaching workshops for dancers who are less familiar with the international side of the festival called "Easy International" on both Saturday and Sunday mornings.

She will concentrate on steps, rhythms, styles and patterns found in a variety of dances from many countries.  The dances will be at a variable speed, some slow and gentle, while others may be faster. They will not be too complicated - the idea is they should be easy and fun and satisfying to dance.  Social dancers are particularly welcome!

Jill has been dancing "with the world" for a long time.  As a teacher of International folk dance she is well known for her enthusiasm and energy, especially at her local club which she founded 40 years ago.

She is delighted to participate in the Festival as, in past years, she helped to organise it, called at dances, taught workshops, played music and also came as a carefree punter.


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