Eastbourne International Folkdance Festival 2017

Bollywood and Bhangra


Born in India and brought up in London, Avtar has always been interested in Indian music and dance.

What you will learn in a Workshop
● Basic dance steps which can be put together into a dance sequence;
● The meaning of gestures - hand and feet movements ;
● Translation of the lyrics of popular Hindi and Bhangra songs we will be dancing to;
● An understanding of costumes and an opportunity to dress up;

Whilst Bhangra and Bollywood dance can be energetic and high-tempo when performed by professional dancers, we prefer a slower pace with an emphasis on the movements and the joy of Indian dance and music.    Come and join us – Ballé Ballé!

Moving to Somerset has made it more challenging to find Indian cultural events and so we (Avtar and Stephanie) have started to teach some workshops in the Somerset area – ‘Bhangra and Chai’ – an opportunity to learn some Bhangra dance and socialise over a cup of spicy Indian tea.
We are avid watchers of Bollywood films and joining a Bollywood Fitness Class inspired us to learn more about the story of a dance and to perform and teach to our own favourite songs.

Bhangra is a generic term to describe the various folk dances from the Punjab in India. The most well known form of Bhangra is a harvest festival dance. Traditionally a good harvest was celebrated by dancing and singing songs to the sound of the dhol drum.
While Bhangra began as part of harvest festival celebrations it is now danced at many happy occasions - weddings, parties and family celebrations. Songs have lyrics are about love, relationships, money, dancing and being merry. Bhangra is often danced in circles and uses a lot of arm and shoulder movements.
Modern Bhangra fuses Western pop music, Hindi film music and folk music.

The term Bollywood describes the Hindi language film industry based in Mumbai,India. The highlight of Bollywood movies are elaborate song and dance sequences, drawing gestures, footwork and costumes from many classical and folk Indian dance styles (such as Bharatnatyam and Kathak) fused with elements of jazz, Hip-Hop, Arabic and Latin forms of dance.
The hero or heroine will often perform with a troupe of supporting dancers, with many costume and scenery changes. The costumes in any Bollywood dance scene are very important – vibrant and flamboyant, adding colour to the rhythm and energy of the dance.


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