Eastbourne International Folkdance Festival 2018

New for 2018

2018 New Festival Callers Showcase

Eastbourne Festival believes that is is important to attract new callers to the festival circuit, so each year experienced club callers who have not called at a festival before are offered the opportunity to call in the main hall at St Catherines with one of our top *bands and festival dancers.
The callers prepare 6-8 dances, including one of workshop standard, and have 30 minutes to show us what they can do. We collate feedback, and hope that we can help them progress into festival calling for EIFF and other festivals.
Please support our volunteers.

MC Mike Courthold with Mollie & Ali


2019 and beyond

The current festival directors are standing down after this year's event and therefore a new organising committee needs to be found if the festival is to continue in 2019 and
beyond. Interested parties should contact Robin or Maureen for more information."

We have artistes planned for 2019.

Maureen, Graham, Robin and John

Festival Sponsors

The Directors are very grateful to Beckenham FDG for their sponsorship of Sunday evening's American dance with Lisa Greenleaf and ECDB

To find out how you, or your FDC can support an evening dance or daytime workshop, please contact Maureen using This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Scarletts Dance Shoe Shop

red shoesScarletts Dancewear of Eastbourne hopes to bring shoes for you to buy on Friday evening this year. 

Brian is always very helpful, so look at the selection available on their website www.felixdancewear.co.uk or ring 01323 645547 

Many people have admired Maureen's lovely shoes in red and in gold.  She bought them from Scarletts! 
An American dancer liked them so much that she ordered some while here in the autumn and Brian posted them to her USA address by return!  How's that for service?

Tickets in the cafe

New arrangements!
Meet your friends in the cafe from 7pm for a snack and chat when you collect your tickets.

Staff and stewards collect tickets and information packs from the stewards office as usual
Newbies collect from the Welcome reception in the chill out room at 7pm

Day tickets from the cafe on Friday evening and from the Stewards office after that.

ticket splash1

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