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What's in a name?

With the decision to move EIFF from Eastbourne, two main issues had to be resolved: where to move to, and what to name the relocated festival.

Having selected Evesham as the target town, retaining E.I.F.F. was a ready option, lending itself as well to retaining the logo by simple replacement of the lighthouse, with, for example, the bell tower, apple blossom, an asparagus stick…

This would have been an easy choice but perhaps a bit unadventurous.

It was Graham Knight who initially mentioned a USA event, Hey Days.  Adding May to that, to lengthen the rhyme and pick out the month, led us to May Heydays.

Checking use of similar names on-line we did find the Hey Days English Dance and Music Week organised by The Bay Area Country Dance Society of North California, and also modern HeyDay Festivals in Bucharest (2017 and 2018), these being three-day-long events of tribute rock bands.  That, and lots of Hay Festivals at Hay on Wye.

So, May Heydays became our preferred option, with the added commentary of '… at Evesham … The Folkdance Festival in the Vale'.

Welcome one and all to May Heydays:

We have every hope that, as with other festivals, such as 'Sidmouth', Chippenham', 'Towersey', 'Lichfield', and 'Eastbourne' itself, it will quickly enter the lexicon as just 'Evesham'.

So, that's what's wrapped up in our new name………

See the new website at mayheydays.org.uk

Change of Director Announcement

On 26th January 2019 Judith De Witt resigned as Director of Eastbourne International Folkdance Festival because of ill health.  We wish to thank her for getting us this far.  Without her, Eastbourne 2019 would certainly not be happening.

We're very pleased that Mecki Testroet has now agreed to be Chairman.  Mecki has in her time run both the Ticketing and the International side of the festival, and has a good understanding of how the various parts of the festival work.

The committee: Mecki Testroet (Chairman), Monty Crook (Ticketing), Brian Stanton (Finance Director) and Isabel Castle (Steward Co-ordinator) are sorting through the tasks that need to be carried out to facilitate a successful 2019 festival.

We have arranged the programme and it has now been published on the website — click the Programme button.

The 2019 festival will go ahead as planned.  However for 2020 we need volunteers for the post of Steward Co-ordinator and Publicity Manager or Ticketing — Monty will do one of these jobs but would prefer not to do both — to join our committee and spread the workload.

The Committee