Eastbourne International Folkdance Festival 2017


Evening Programme 2017

Friday 28 April
6.30 Newbies collect tickets in time for 7pm Newbies Reception
7pm other dancers can collect tickets

8pm Many moods of Playford   ECD Scott Higgs & Notorious
8pm A Stateside Welcome with Seth Tepfer and Reel of Three
8pm A Multifarious Assortment of Delights with John Sweeney and Kelly's Eye
8pm International Welcome Dance MC Sally Fletcher

Saturday 29 April
7.30pm New Favourites with Colin Hume and Albireo, guest Brian Stanton
7.30pm Transcendent ECD & Breathtakeing Contras! Scott Higgs and Keeping Thyme, guest Clive Harman
7.30pm Door County#2 Seth Tepfer and Notorious
7.30pm International dance MC Jill Bransby

Sunday 30 April
7.30 Pat Shaw Centenary Ball - Colin Hume and Keeping Thyme (tickets  ALLOCATED TO EARLY REQUESTS)
7.30pm Diverse, Dazzingly, Delicious Dances - John Sweeney and Albireo
7.30pm US and us! - Geoff Cubitt and Reel of Three, with guest Eileen Nightingale
6.45-8.45pm  Nordic Noir - Scandivanvian Evening with Barbara Kelly and Bowjolie
7.30pm Balkan Party MC Brian Dowsett

Health warning- dance lengths

Following suggestions from your feedback forms
contras at Mixed dances will be 7-9 times only
and at American sessions will be longer for those with stamina to enjoy!


Draft programme for ticket holders

To help you choose your workshops, look for more information under each caller's name for both Social and International dance.

A draft programme will be emailed to all ticket holders during Easter weekend.  Last minute changes will be posted on the notice board in  St Catherine's Main corridor.

Welcome reception for newcomers to the festival

We're looking forward to welcoming newcomers in the CHILL OUT ROOM at St Catharine's (Bishop Bell) School at 7pm on Friday 28 April after ticket collection.  This is a social occasion for you to meet each other, the organisers and any callers or bands who are not busy setting up for the evening dance.

It gives you a chance to ask questions and IS NOT COMPULSORY!

At 7.45pm, a steward will lead the way to Langney School and Langney Village Hall so that you don't miss the beginning of those dances if that's where you would like to be!

We are delighted that so many people are attending who have not been before. See you soon!

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