Eastbourne International Folkdance Festival 2017

Evening Programme 2017

Friday 28 April
6.30 Newbies collect tickets in time for 7pm Newbies Reception
7pm other dancers can collect tickets

8pm Many moods of Playford   ECD Scott Higgs & Notorious
8pm A Stateside Welcome with Seth Tepfer and Reel of Three
8pm A Multifarious Assortment of Delights with John Sweeney and Kelly's Eye
8pm International Welcome Dance MC Sally Fletcher

Saturday 29 April
7.30pm New Favourites with Colin Hume and Albireo, guest Brian Stanton
7.30pm Transcendent ECD & Breathtakeing Contras! Scott Higgs and Keeping Thyme, guest Clive Harman
7.30pm Door County#2 Seth Tepfer and Notorious
7.30pm International dance MC Jill Bransby

Sunday 30 April
7.30 Pat Shaw Centenary Ball - Colin Hume and Keeping Thyme (tickets  ALLOCATED TO EARLY REQUESTS)
7.30pm Diverse, Dazzingly, Delicious Dances - John Sweeney and Albireo
7.30pm US and us! - Geoff Cubitt and Reel of Three, with guest Eileen Nightingale
6.45-8.45pm  Nordic Noir - Scandivanvian Evening with Barbara Kelly and Bowjolie
7.30pm Balkan Party MC Brian Dowsett

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