Eastbourne International Folkdance Festival 2018

2018 Evening Programmes

Friday 4 May
5.30 stewards arrive
7pm EIFF newbies welcome reception
7pm All other dancers  - collect your tickets from the Cafe and spend a little time chatting and having a snack!

7 - 8.30pm Scarletts Dance shoes

7.30pm International Welcome Party  MC Ron Wilks
8pm An American Welcome with Lynne Render and ECDB
8pm Joy of Dance (mixed) with Kalia Kliban (USA) with Persons of Quality (USA) and display by Renaissance Footnotes
8 til late Euro Bal with dances from France, Brittany… and more! Hervé Dréan and Rachel Goodwin in a wide range of dance forms from the French Bal Folk repertoire. - enjoy a great evening “à la française” !

Saturday 5 May 7.30-10.30pm
Puddle Jumping!  a mixed Evening with Kalia Kliban (USA) and Keeping Thyme
Squares & Contras with Lisa Greenleaf (USA) and Mollie & Ali
Dances from Round the World  MC Jill Bransby
**THE Playford Ball** - Andrew Shaw & Persons of Quality (USA)
Late 17th/ early 18th century dances from the team responsible for Farnicle Huggy and Elephants Stairs - specialists in obscure dance titles!

Sunday 6 May 7.30-10.30pm
Not quite the Playford Ball with Andrew Shaw & Persons of Quality (USA)   The Playford castle gates are open: expect anything - within reason!
Mix and Match  (Mixed but mainly American) with Lynne Render and Mollie & Ali
Main American with Lisa Greenleaf (USA) and ECDB and Gog Magog   Event sponsored by Beckenham FD Group
Eastern European Party  MC MAggie O'Regan

also you may like to know:

Saturday 5 May 2-5pm
New Festival Callers Showcase with MC Mike Courthold and Mollie and Ali

Sunday 6 May 2-5pm
Tea dance with host John Green and ECDB featuring Amy and Bubbles, from 2017 New Festival Callers Showcase

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