Eastbourne International Folkdance Festival 2018

Irish set dance workshops with Maggie Daniel

Saturday: the basics
This session will cover the basic footwork used in Irish Set Dancing, and explain some of the more common moves and terminology. There will be lots of opportunities to try out the moves and practice the steps by dancing sections of various sets to illustrate the main points. This session is intended for dancers with little or no experience of Irish Set Dancing, and by the end of the session the participants should be ready to to try some full dances. Experienced dancers who wish to brush up on their basic skills or just join in are welcome too.

Sunday: continued
This session will build on the basic session by learning a complete Irish Set Dance. It will start with a recap of the steps needed and the various moves will be explained fully so experienced and beginners alike can enjoy the dance.

Irish Set Dancing is a social dance, popular all over Ireland. It is danced in square sets (the Set), and each dance (also called a Set) consists of 3 to 6 (or more) separate figures. Each figure may be danced to different rhythms, such as jigs, reels, polkas or hornpipes, and each figure may have similarities, such as the same opening and closing moves, with different sequences in the middle, but this doesn't always apply. Many of the sets are named after the towns and villages where they originated, and until recent times people would only dance the sets from their local area. Nowadays, dancers travel all over Ireland, and could dance sets from anywhere, though a ceili programme will usually include some local sets. Irish Set Dancing is lively and fun, and the music is great, so do come along and try it over the weekend.

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