Eastbourne International Folkdance Festival 2017

Scott Higgs

Scott Higgs

Joyful, spirited dancing – and much more.

Friday 8pm Many Moods of Playford with Notorious

Saturday 7.30pm Transcendent ECD & Breathtaking Contras with Keeping Thyme and guest Clive Harman

Scott's workshops:

Dance Zweifacher from Scratch + Notorious

Maggots and Fancies (ECD) + Albireo

Pleasant & Delightful (ECD)  + Keeping Thyme

May Morning Mix + Keeping Thyme

Harmony in Motion (ECD) + Kelly's Eye

Many kinds of dancing bring me great joy. In particular, contra, English, morris, and couple dancing each offer wonderful delights. It is my privilege and pleasure to teach and to share these delights with others.

Scott Higgs began dancing in college and since then has travelled the world (25 states and 6 foreign countries) calling for contras and English country dances. Dancers characterize Scott’s contras as “high-energy” and “swingy.” His English dance programs span the spectrum from exuberant to elegant.


Scott has composed dozens of dances, and served as President of the Germantown Country Dancers. His first booklet of dance compositions, Early One Morning, appeared in the last century (!). Dances from that collection have been performed across the U.S. and Europe, and reprinted in anthologies in the U.S. and the U.K.

Scott has led week long workshops at dance camp in USA including Pinewoods for 20+ years in a row! CDSS hired him to design and lead special intensive courses for English Dance Leaders, and then tapped him as Program Director for English American Week at Pinewoods.
His latest enthusiasm: Renegade Morris, is now entering its tenth season of high-energy dancing.
In recent years, for a change of pace, Scott took a break from organizing sessions for CDSS, and joined the National Board of Directors — it’s a very different perspective !

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