Eastbourne International Folkdance Festival 2017


Tea Dance 2017 - Brian Stanton

Brian Stanton

I started dancing and calling at barn dances and ceilidhs in my teens and came to folk dancing via ballroom dancing. I regularly call folk dance clubs around the Midlands and have had the pleasure of hosting events at Halsway Manor. I have been Dancing Master at a number of period balls and I am a keen member of my club’s Playford display team which regularly performs in period costume at local events and historic buildings.
I love Playford, modern English and American styles of dance and, as a caller, enjoy sharing my enthusiasm with fellow dancers and helping them to get the most from a dance by encouraging them to think of the two big Ts – Timing and Technique. I enjoy the vibrancy of festivals and would like to be more involved and bring my passion for dancing and calling to a wider audience through festival activities.

Tea Dance 2017 - Eileen Nightingale

Eileen Nightingale

Having always had a passion for dancing, I took like a “duck to water” when I discovered folk dancing after I moved to Sidmouth in 1997.
Calling for 15 years now and one of the established callers in the South-West, my favourite dances are American Squares and Contras although I feel equally at home calling English, Scottish, unusual formation dances and fun dances.
My strengths are my intimate knowledge of the intricacies of the dance and my clear, enthusiastic way of putting it over.
I am delighted to be making my debut as a Festival Caller at Eastbourne, where the dancers are of a high standard, and I look forward to the challenge of meeting their expectations.

Tea Dance 2017- Clive Harman

Clive Harman

I've been involved in folk dance and song ever since I first learnt to drive
and could get to clubs under my own steam.  Most of that time has been spent with Ravensbourne Morris Men but early retirement has allowed more time for social dancing, and latterly calling. I call regularly at at two local weekly clubs, Wroughton FDC and our Swindon U3a ECDG.
Dancing comes first for me so I prefer to call what I enjoy dancing myself - well constructed dances with good tunes that stand on their own merits. This  covers an eclectic range from traditional Playford through to more modern ones in historical style, New England contras and the occasional American square for good measure.
I hope my enthusiasm comes across and encourages others so that our dance traditions can stay alive.

Tea Makers needed

If you would like to volunteer to help with the refreshments, it will get you to the front of the queue. You will miss a couple of dances, but not too much if you're efficient!
Please contact Maureen on the email address on your receipt to say which session you would like.  Thank you

Village Hall: Friday evening - Many moods of Playford
Village Hall: Saturday afternoon - Playford/Pat Shaw
Village Hall: Sunday afternoon Tea dance -Albireo
Village Hall: Sunday evening John's "Diverse, dazzlingly delicious dances"
Village Hall: Monday morning ECD with Bernie/Scott & kelly's Eye

Primary School: Friday evening John & Kelly's Eye
Primary School: Saturday morning American
Primary School: Saturday Afternoon 50 ways to swing your lover
Primary School: Saturday evening Scott & Keeping Thyme
Primary School: Sunday morning ECD Jennie & Scott
Primary School: Sunday afternoon Geoff & Seth with Reel of 3
Primary School: Sunday evening American
Primary School: Monday morning Reel of Three- Danish Family dances & Seth's volunteers

Langney Sports Hall: Saturday morning International
Langney Sports Hall: Saturday afternoon Swedish
Langney Sports Hall: Saturday afternoon Jive
Langney Sports Hall: Sunday morning International
Langney Sports Hall: Sunday afternoon Scandinavian



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