Eastbourne International Folkdance Festival 2017

Tea Dance 2017 - Brian Stanton

Brian Stanton

I started dancing and calling at barn dances and ceilidhs in my teens and came to folk dancing via ballroom dancing. I regularly call folk dance clubs around the Midlands and have had the pleasure of hosting events at Halsway Manor. I have been Dancing Master at a number of period balls and I am a keen member of my club’s Playford display team which regularly performs in period costume at local events and historic buildings.
I love Playford, modern English and American styles of dance and, as a caller, enjoy sharing my enthusiasm with fellow dancers and helping them to get the most from a dance by encouraging them to think of the two big Ts – Timing and Technique. I enjoy the vibrancy of festivals and would like to be more involved and bring my passion for dancing and calling to a wider audience through festival activities.

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