Eastbourne International Folkdance Festival 2017

Tea Dance 2017- Clive Harman

Clive Harman

I've been involved in folk dance and song ever since I first learnt to drive
and could get to clubs under my own steam.  Most of that time has been spent with Ravensbourne Morris Men but early retirement has allowed more time for social dancing, and latterly calling. I call regularly at at two local weekly clubs, Wroughton FDC and our Swindon U3a ECDG.
Dancing comes first for me so I prefer to call what I enjoy dancing myself - well constructed dances with good tunes that stand on their own merits. This  covers an eclectic range from traditional Playford through to more modern ones in historical style, New England contras and the occasional American square for good measure.
I hope my enthusiasm comes across and encourages others so that our dance traditions can stay alive.

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