Eastbourne International Folkdance Festival 2017

Kelly's Eye

Kellys EyeBrothers Graham and Kev Prigmore have been playing folk music together on fiddle, accordion, mandolin and bass since the mid sixties, and rhythm guitarist Steve Aldridge joined the band around ten years ago. They regularly perform at folk festivals, dance clubs, ceilidhs, weddings and barn dances. From a gentle waltz or hornpipe to the liveliest reel or jig, Kelly's Eye play dance music that you just can't sit still to. Their talent, experience and sense of humour, combined with a vast repertoire of traditional tunes from both sides of the Atlantic is guaranteed to turn any social event into a dance to remember.
Dance to Kelly's Eye on Friday evening with John Sweeney.  Hear them play at the New Festival Callers' Showcase on Saturday afternoon in the main hall workshops on Sunday.

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