Eastbourne International Folkdance Festival 2017

Reel of 3

Reel of Three

"No one can sit when they play their swinging traditional music from eastern Canada."

"They are .... always in the mood for fun. They can make the whole room swing, and during the interval they are always ready with a song." Tommerup website)

We first heard them in Denmark in 2012 and are pleased that they played for EIFF 2014. They come with really great references from Gareth of ECDB/ Sidmouth Festival.

The line up for EIFF 2017 is: Jørgen Larsen on fiddle, Jeremy Newton on accordion and fiddle with Lotte Kielberg on piano and accordion.

As well as playing for contra at EIFF they will play for a session of Danish dances suitable for all ages.



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