Eastbourne International Folkdance Festival 2017


Bernie Culkin

Bernie Culkin

Remembering Pat Shaw + Albireo
Bernie Culkin, a member of the Pat Shaw Legacy Group, has chosen a range of Pat's dances to give you an overview of his continuing legacy and contribution to our dance community.  This lively workshop celebrates the centenary of Pat Shaw's birth. A choreographer, dancer, singer, musician and researcher, he inspired a generation to challenge the traditions of English Country Dance and to write new dances so folk dance became 'A Living Tradition'. 

The Goldcrest Collection +Kelly's Eye
This workshop contains English Country Dances from Joseph Pimental's 'The Goldcrest Collection'. A beautiful collection of dances which are not as simple as they might first appear.

Bernie took part in EIFF2015 New Festival Callers Showcase, and 2016 Tea dance. She started dancing in 2011 and instantly fell in love with it. A year later she was persuaded to try calling. Bernie has recently moved to Cheshire and is enjoying dancing with and calling for new friends.
We know you will enjoy her clear calling style and enthusiasm for beautiful dancing.


Chris Turner

Chris Turner

Enjoy Chris's frivolity, elegance and colour at EIFF 2017!

He will be MC for the New Festival Callers Showcase with Kelly's Eye on Saturday afternoon and the Final fling on Monday afternoon.



Colin Hume


Colin enjoys calling a mix of Playford and American-style dances, and believes that if you dance better you will enjoy it more.  We are delighted that he's agreed to call at EIFF 2017.

His schedule so far is as follows:-

Saturday 7.30pm New Favourites with Albireo and guest Brian Stanton
Maureen suggested "Old Favourites" but that's not really my thing! Here are some more modern dances that I really like and hope in time will become old favourites.

Sunday 7.30pm Pat Shaw Ball with Keeping Thyme (ALL TICKETS NOW ALLOCATED)
Pat Shaw wrote dances in various styles, but is best remembered for his Playford-style dances: The Slof Galliard, Monica's Delight, John Tallis's Canon and many more. He was also the first person after Cecil Sharp to study Playford's original wording and offer his own interpretations; his version of Mr Beveridge's Maggot has virtually replaced Sharp's version. 2017 is the centenary of his birth, so what better way to start the festival season than with a Pat Shaw Ball?

Colin's Workshops

Playford with Style + Albireo, (Saturday)
What style do you use for Playford? Colin gives some tips.

Grand Square variations + Kelly's Eye, (Saturday)
John Playford published Hunsdon House in 1675, and since then the Grand Square has been used in many Playford-style dances, Quadrilles and American Squares, sometimes with interesting (and challenging) variations.

Colin's Compositions + Notorious, (Sunday)
Playford-style and maybe some surprises - you'll need to keep your wits about you!



Geoff Cubitt

Saturday  "Thinking outside the Box". dancing with others outside your own minor set. (Reel of Three)

Saturday  "A mixed bag of delights" dances with an American flavour but not contra or squares. (Keeping Thyme)

Geoff  Cubitt

 Sunday  "How to be square" squares from different traditions. (Kelly's Eye)

Sunday  "Home Grown" dances from this side of the pond. (Reel of Three)

Sunday evening "U.S. and us" (Reel of Three) guest Eileen Nightingale

Monday  "A few of my favourite things" not an american site! (Keeping Thyme) mixed

Geoff is well known as a caller for American Squares and Contra and English Ceilidh. He has been invited to call at national dance festivals, including Whitby, Chippenham, Eastbourne and Sidmouth, and is well respected among his peers. He has considerable experience as a dancer himself, particularly in Appalachian clogging. 

His experience as a dancer stands him in good stead when calling, as his sympathy with those on the floor means that he is helpful to beginners as well as extending the expert dancers.


Jeannie Bryon-Williams

Jeannie Jeannie is delighted to return to call and dance with all her Eastbourne friends old and new. She has been dancing in one form or another all her life and loves the fun of folk dance and calling. She enjoys calling a mix of Playford and Playford-style dances.
Jeannie's aim - to get everyone dancing, not just with their feet, but with their whole body!

Take a trip through the Seasons with Jeannie and Albireo (Saturday) Dances with a seasonal or "trip" connection.

Dancing Queens..... No, not ABBA! 
We will look at dances that were around during the reigns of some of our famous queens.  band Keeping Thyme (Sunday)



John and Karen Sweeney


JohnKarenSweeneyFriday 8pm A Multifarious Assortment of Delights with Kelly's Eye

Sunday 7.30pm Diverse, Dazzingly, Delicious Dances, with Albireo


A Cartload of Heys, Reely! (Mixed)  Saturday with Kelly's Eye
“One of the most pleasing movements in country dancing is what they call the "hey"” (“Analysis of Beauty” 1753). Come and see how many different and fascinating ways there are to do a hey!

50 Ways to Swing your Lover , American with Keeping Thyme (Saturday)
Spicing Up Your Swing: We will teach you some of the countless different ways to do a swing, plus some stylish entries and exits. The teaching will be interspersed with fun contra dances to practise these swings. For experienced contra dancers.

Zesty Playford with Notorious (Sunday)
Every generation has its own way of recreating these wonderful old dances. Some of the key facets of Zesty Playford are up-beat music, lively dancing, improvisation and innovation. Just bring lots of energy and a smile!

Karen and John have been dancing, demonstrating and teaching together for 14 years and love travelling and meeting dancers who, like them, are still looking for new styles and ideas. They run three dances a week in Ashford and Maidstone under the name Contrafusion. They just want to share their passion for dance and help people to have fun.


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