Eastbourne International Folkdance Festival 2017

Colin Hume


Colin enjoys calling a mix of Playford and American-style dances, and believes that if you dance better you will enjoy it more.  We are delighted that he's agreed to call at EIFF 2017.

His schedule so far is as follows:-

Saturday 7.30pm New Favourites with Albireo and guest Brian Stanton
Maureen suggested "Old Favourites" but that's not really my thing! Here are some more modern dances that I really like and hope in time will become old favourites.

Sunday 7.30pm Pat Shaw Ball with Keeping Thyme (ALL TICKETS NOW ALLOCATED)
Pat Shaw wrote dances in various styles, but is best remembered for his Playford-style dances: The Slof Galliard, Monica's Delight, John Tallis's Canon and many more. He was also the first person after Cecil Sharp to study Playford's original wording and offer his own interpretations; his version of Mr Beveridge's Maggot has virtually replaced Sharp's version. 2017 is the centenary of his birth, so what better way to start the festival season than with a Pat Shaw Ball?

Colin's Workshops

Playford with Style + Albireo, (Saturday)
What style do you use for Playford? Colin gives some tips.

Grand Square variations + Kelly's Eye, (Saturday)
John Playford published Hunsdon House in 1675, and since then the Grand Square has been used in many Playford-style dances, Quadrilles and American Squares, sometimes with interesting (and challenging) variations.

Colin's Compositions + Notorious, (Sunday)
Playford-style and maybe some surprises - you'll need to keep your wits about you!



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