Eastbourne International Folkdance Festival 2017

Bernie Culkin

Bernie Culkin

Remembering Pat Shaw + Albireo
Bernie Culkin, a member of the Pat Shaw Legacy Group, has chosen a range of Pat's dances to give you an overview of his continuing legacy and contribution to our dance community.  This lively workshop celebrates the centenary of Pat Shaw's birth. A choreographer, dancer, singer, musician and researcher, he inspired a generation to challenge the traditions of English Country Dance and to write new dances so folk dance became 'A Living Tradition'. 

The Goldcrest Collection +Kelly's Eye
This workshop contains English Country Dances from Joseph Pimental's 'The Goldcrest Collection'. A beautiful collection of dances which are not as simple as they might first appear.

Bernie took part in EIFF2015 New Festival Callers Showcase, and 2016 Tea dance. She started dancing in 2011 and instantly fell in love with it. A year later she was persuaded to try calling. Bernie has recently moved to Cheshire and is enjoying dancing with and calling for new friends.
We know you will enjoy her clear calling style and enthusiasm for beautiful dancing.


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