Eastbourne International Folkdance Festival 2017

John and Karen Sweeney


JohnKarenSweeneyFriday 8pm A Multifarious Assortment of Delights with Kelly's Eye

Sunday 7.30pm Diverse, Dazzingly, Delicious Dances, with Albireo


A Cartload of Heys, Reely! (Mixed)  Saturday with Kelly's Eye
“One of the most pleasing movements in country dancing is what they call the "hey"” (“Analysis of Beauty” 1753). Come and see how many different and fascinating ways there are to do a hey!

50 Ways to Swing your Lover , American with Keeping Thyme (Saturday)
Spicing Up Your Swing: We will teach you some of the countless different ways to do a swing, plus some stylish entries and exits. The teaching will be interspersed with fun contra dances to practise these swings. For experienced contra dancers.

Zesty Playford with Notorious (Sunday)
Every generation has its own way of recreating these wonderful old dances. Some of the key facets of Zesty Playford are up-beat music, lively dancing, improvisation and innovation. Just bring lots of energy and a smile!

Karen and John have been dancing, demonstrating and teaching together for 14 years and love travelling and meeting dancers who, like them, are still looking for new styles and ideas. They run three dances a week in Ashford and Maidstone under the name Contrafusion. They just want to share their passion for dance and help people to have fun.


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